Roaring for Brooks

John Lennon could not have said it better…. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy!  This little boy is two years old!  When they say time goes fast, it could not be more true.  I remember like it was literally yesterday holding him in my arms at the hospital.  I know I was supposed to be exhausted, but my heart was so full of love for him that I could not even think about sleeping for the first few days.  I honestly believe God gives woman some kind of gift when it comes to labor.  Brent was literally GREEN from exhaustion…walking around like he just walked off the Walking Dead set while I somehow found energy.  Brent and I were so emotional after his birth…crying over EVERYTHING good in this world.  I cannot believe that was two years ago!  Here we are throwing our beautiful son a dinosaur birthday party.  We knew it was between dinosaurs, Paw Patrol, or cars….. Dinosaurs just seemed right for his 2nd birthday since he literally roared his way into our hearts.  We had the kids wear dinosaur tails  and dinosaur hats to fit the part. The kids dug for dinosaur bones and decided which dinosaur Brooks would be. As favors, kids not only got to take their dinosaur tails and hats, but the kids got to take a jar of dinosaur eggs.

Dinosaur bones-pretzels

Dinosaur eggs-grapes

Dinosaur spikes-watermelon

Dinosaur droppings- chocolate cake balls

Dinosaur toenails- bugles

Carnivores- chicken strips

Dinosaur prehistoric cookies and cake