Tea Party for Harper


Harper Rebecca Barham…..It is hard to believe I have my very own little girl.  Growing up, I was surrounded by girls with 3 sisters and my mom.  So I’ve always been comfortable with girls versus boys until my little boy was born.  He showed me a whole new way of life, but that is another story for a later time.

Ever since my little girl was born, I could barely hide my excitement…pedicures,shopping, pink, OH MY!  Having my very own mini me and giving her everything I never had or knew.  Beyond all the surface level excitement, I find more joy in helping Harper become a confident, God fearing woman.  I have never been a woman of confidence, matter of fact, I have always been the opposite which has allowed the devil to pounce on me even on some of my best days.   I want Harper to find beauty within herself…not by her outer appearance (which she could not be prettier if she tried) but by her heart.

My husband Brent is one of the main keys to helping Harper become the woman God wants her to be.  He tells her each and everyday that she is beautiful, shows her affection, spends quality time with her, and most importantly shows her his love for our Heavenly Father.

Proverbs 22:6 Start your children off the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

Reading the bible verse is a reminder that as parents our kids are not just listening to our words, but they are mainly watching our actions.  Harper will know how a man should love her by watching her dad not only love her but also me as his wife. My kids are blessed to have a remarkable father.

Harper’s tea party was her own father’s idea.  He put himself aside (because what man wants to go to a tea party?) and decided that is what his daughter deserved on her birthday.