Harper’s Floral First Birthday 

My sweet and sassy baby girl is one!! She has changed our worlds so much… From making us laugh when she throws her tantrums (yes we laugh… She fake screams and throws her head on the ground) to melting our hearts with her love eyes and huge snuggle hugs. I do not know how life would be without her in it. I remember looking at her when she was born and immediately feeling the connection. She is my forever best friend! 
We decided to throw her a floral party because Harper is literally the only woman on earth who makes flowers look good. Every month we took pictures of her with flowers and not throwing her a flower party would just be wrong. She is my flower princess, so we went out and bought tons of pink and white flowers for her decor. We had a Polaroid snapshot section for the guests to take their pictures and a wishing tree for guests to write her a wish. I love to have hands on activities that we can keep for keepsakes to remember who attended. We had the girls wear baby’s breath crowns and paint floral pots that they planted plants in to take home. We had chocolate seeds as favors in bags that said “seed ya later”. 
Photos were taken by a really good friend Jeremy Cooper! He is an amazing photographer who helped us tremendously on Harper’s birthday.