Painting my World One Day at a Time

Seriously…. I LOVE paint! Even when I’m bored at times, I’ll play with paint. Today I covered the table with Kraft paper and let the kids go to town. Harper can hang with brother until she decides to get a little too abstract crazy, and it looks like a paint bomb went off on her as well as the floor. Not to mention the fact that Harper will absolutely eat anything and everything if we let her (I know typical baby)… So once she starts wanting to test taste the different colors of paint… I always end her paint time early. But today I decided to let the kids apple stamp the paper since Brooks has found a love for stamps recently. He loved it… He not only got to paint one of his favorite foods, but stamping it had him laughing and screaming with excitement… Of course his sister is hiding and attempting to eat his newly painted apple stamp. A girls gotta eat right? Maybe she’ll poop out a rainbow 😉