Justin Timberlake is my Hero

Justin Timberlake has turned our house to the club of the century. I cannot ever get a quality picture of his sweet dance moves, but this child of mine can dance better than anyone in the house (not a lot of competition here, but his moves are legit). Brooks has some smoothness to his shoulder rolls he throws out there, and I have Justin Timberlake to thank for that! We have probably played “I can’t stop the feeling” 1,345,435 times in the last two months. Dancing is a way to express yourself and interact with one another…. It brings in such a positive vibe in our household that I cannot get enough of. I will never forget watching my mom dance in the kitchen with music blasting and us joining in… Or all five of us girls dancing with panties on our heads to Grand Funk Railroad’s “Some Kind of Wonderful”. I will always cherish those moments of making even the worst days into the happiest moments of my life with just a press of the play button. I hope my family and I continue our dance sessions for years to come, and we have our own family song (which looks to be already firmly picked by our son with his love of Justin) we play to remember our years together dancing… Let’s just hope my sweet baby girl gets her twerking out of her system before she turns 15 😳