Brent’s Big 3-4

Well the ol husband is 34! My husband is the most selfless man I know…We usually don’t give each other bought presents but we’ll make something from the kids and usually go on a small get out of town trip. I wanted Brents gift to somehow be focused on fantasy football since it’s about to begin and he cannot hold in his excitement any longer. Brent is the commissioner of his fantasy football league… Which he has taken great responsibility because he has been given great power … Or something like that. He literally goes all out for this league from making green screen videos to creating little football figurines to resemble each member of his league.  So the kids and I decided to make him a football fantasy guide with tips for the new year with pictures of the kids because they made the book honestly. Maybe these tips will win him the championship… Fingers crossed!

We also went  to the New Orleans Aqaurium for a quick trip for Brents birthday.  We ended up driving 1 1/2 to a crowded pack of parents taking their kids for that last hoorah before school started.  It was ridiculously busy (center for ants busy). You had to crawl through the crowd just to get a 1×1 space in the penguin glass to look thru… Praying the Penguins actually decide to dive into the water for your kids to catch a glimpse. Regardless, it was a great trip and totally worth it. Just to get out of town with the family is always worth it. Plus who doesn’t get excited to bring home a huge bag full of sugar