Feathers and masks on a rainy day 

It has been EXTREMELY hot lately, and I can just hear Mother Nature scream “cool us down!!” So with the hot weather comes the rain. Being stuck inside means it’s my job to find something creative to do for the kids which usually leads to arts and crafts. I went thru an old box of my school stuff and found feathers, bells, construction paper, sticks, etc. I immediately wanted to make some simple feather headdresses for the kids during their nap.  It was pretty simple considering it was just hot gluing feathers to some ribbons…. When the kids woke up we made their bell instruments (I guess that’s what we can call it?) I really didn’t even plan on making these until the kids found an interest in the bells (their interest meant they were shaking and throwing them across the room). Brooks handed me the bells, and I looped the bells on string before attaching them to the stick. The kids couldn’t grab them quick enough. They went around the house shaking their bell sticks and eventually hitting one another with them as well 😳. But really…what’s a rainy day being trapped inside without a little sibling rival ?