Pizzeria at the Casa

Pizzzzzaaaaaa!!! My vice!! It’s my fat food that I constantly crave exactly the same time when I’m working out and trying to follow Autumn Calabrese’s unsuccessful food plan that never seems to fit in with my daily schedule. My kids have seemed to inherent my pizza obsession! Making pizzas may become a daily ritual for the Barham household!

I painted these perfect pizzas to decor their chairs the night before (totally being sarcastic considering I’m not a pizza artist, so I was lucky the kids considered them to be just that) on some cut out cardboard boxes and wrote their names on them with gold foil paint. How can you have a pizza night without a white bubble chef hat? It’s not possible! So I decided to construct these babies using construction paper and tissue paper. Brooks surprisingly took the chef part on like a professional. He wore his hat and took the art of pizza making seriously as he added each ingredient precisely with his steady little hand. Harper on the other hand was Harper… Smacking her hand into the pasta than slapping it on the pizza dough like it was nothing… Boom! Done! I steadily wonder….is this their future? Brooks carefully making decisions about his life while Harper lives life in the moment? Either way I couldn’t ask for more perfect different babies. They balance me as their mother… I love seeing the differences in their sweet personalities and how I need to be a lot more like both of them…. Steady and slow about the big decisions and moments…. Yet live hard and in the moment.  Crazy how much our kids can teach us.


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