Monday Night Football 

And it’s here…. FOOTBALL SEASON!!! My husband has waited since last fall for football to return, and here it is! 

My husband loves the game but with the game comes his fantasy football league… The league that he takes very seriously. 

So as I was thinking about his obsession… I wondered how I could tie in the kids to get them more involved… Footballs, concessions, and the game ran thru my head… 

I immediately started brainstorming what foods the kids would like that ties into football… I didn’t want anything big considering it would be during their snack time. And my kids will snack all day if I let them. So I came up with football cookies, popcorn (my son is obsessed), pretzels, and ice cream sandwiches (I know this is random… But it’s brown, and I knew it would be simple to make into somewhat of a football). 

Since I already had sugar cookie dough, I decided to use that and attempt to shape them similar to footballs. Haha let me remind you, I am not a baker. Never have been and probably never will be. My kids will have to store bought cookies for their Christmas parties (hopefully I’ll get better by then but it’s not looking good for me). After I baked the half-circle cookies, I covered them with chocolate icing and used white icing to make the detail. They were perfect, but dang they were good! 

I pretty much did the same with the ice cream sandwiches… Using the white icing to create the detail. 

The illegitimate play board… Ugh so embarrassed that my husband busted me out. I was so excited to have his play all painted out… And here he comes to bust my bubble… I had 12 players (x’s) when I could only have 11. Oh well…. I tried right? I painted my epic failed play on a piece of whiteboard and glued it to the back of the gold frame. 

The footballs were also painted on cardboard.. For an additional touch. 

I had the kids design their own cookies and design a cookie for their dad … Maybe to bring him some luck. Even though it was probably the biggest mess I’ve ever had to clean, we had so much fun! Harper literally dumped every sprinkle out of the bowl… Which of course missed her cookie and went right on the floor as she whispers “uh oh” haha I think she’s confused what the word “uh oh” means considering she continued to do it. Haha regardless I loved watching her. Brooks as usual took it a little more seriously… Not going to lie.. I wish I had a picture of it to share… But naturally his sister dipped her sweet little fingers right into his perfectly designed cookie. Surprisingly enough… Brooks moved on and tried to squeeze every last drop of icing out of his tube. It was a classic afternoon with my two little people…. Hate it couldn’t be a win for their dad too. 😕