Monday Night Football 

And it’s here…. FOOTBALL SEASON!!! My husband has waited since last fall for football to return, and here it is!  My husband loves the game but with the game comes his fantasy football league… The league that he takes very seriously.  So as I was thinking about his obsession… I wondered how I could tie … More Monday Night Football 

Drive-In Movie Night

Drive-in movie night was a success or thumbs-up according to our little man Brooks. We wanted to do something different this weekend and since the kids love movies, candy, and popcorn… Well it was a no brainer. We literally used things we had around the house besides the purchase of the $2 boxes. My husband … More Drive-In Movie Night

Brent’s Big 3-4

Well the ol husband is 34! My husband is the most selfless man I know…We usually don’t give each other bought presents but we’ll make something from the kids and usually go on a small get out of town trip. I wanted Brents gift to somehow be focused on fantasy football since it’s about to … More Brent’s Big 3-4