Tea Party for Harper

  Harper Rebecca Barham…..It is hard to believe I have my very own little girl.  Growing up, I was surrounded by girls with 3 sisters and my mom.  So I’ve always been comfortable with girls versus boys until my little boy was born.  He showed me a whole new way of life, but that is … More Tea Party for Harper

Be gone paci 

Well it’s time to say goodbye to Harper’s closest companion… The monkey pacifier! Even thinking about conquering this task gave me anxiety! We are now on day 3, and I have to say it hasn’t been as bad as I expected. What I expected was my sweet Harper transforming into a mini chucky  and her … More Be gone paci 

He is Risen

  He is risen!!!! Easter….SO MUCH to celebrate!  It isn’t about the bunny or chocolate candy as yummy as it can be…It is about the One Father!  I remember Easter Sunday crying in the shower as I thought about Jesus and the crucifixion.  I know I cannot even fathom the reality of it all, but to … More He is Risen

Sand and Waves

  Ah the beach here we come!! We had been planning this beach trip for almost a year with my sister and her family.  We were both stay at home moms which means we had to plan early to be able to afford it.  I could not wait to get Brooks back to the beach … More Sand and Waves

Busy Baking

I am not much of a baker, but I try here and there.  I love baking with the kids when I do….they love sweets naturally, so we are all happy.  This batch of cookies I used an old cookie recipe I had and let the kids add as many sprinkles and chocolate chips as they … More Busy Baking

Cousin Love

  What is it about blood?  There is something about my nieces and nephews where I think they do no wrong.  Even when I hear my sisters tell me stories about how they scream all night or drew smiley faces on the lampshades to show their artist skills, I still cannot do anything but smile … More Cousin Love

My Love for Flowers

  Flowers are my thing!  My husband has sent me flowers for 7 years now since the day we had our first date.  Flowers seem to make EVERYTHING beautiful.  The kitchen may be a wreck with cheerios crushed everywhere, milk spills, and a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes, but for some reason flowers make it … More My Love for Flowers

Life can be Hard

  I always wonder how life is like thru my kid’s eyes.  Is the glass half full or half empty for them?  Either way, kids need a day to relax because life must be difficult at times when they are constantly being fed, clothes, diapers changed, and told to nap.  Harper gets a lot of days … More Life can be Hard

My Baby Boy

My son Brooks.  He is the most beautiful creature inside and out.  As soon as he entered our world, he was so perfect we were scared to hurt him.  We did everything but wrap him in bubble wrap to keep him safe.  I will never forget the first time he hit his head pretty bad … More My Baby Boy